Charity Children’s Home

SEAPC is partnering with Charity Children’s Home (formerly Acts) in Yangon, Myanmar through child sponsorship. Charity Children’s Home is part of Myanmar Acts Mission which is run by Pastor James Lian Sai. The mission also includes a Bible college and church planting/leadership training. They have approximately 200 children at the home.

You can help one of these children through Raising Kids for $50/month.


About Charity Children’s Home (Acts Mission)

Above: (left) Pastor James Lian Sai, founder of Myanmar Acts Mission which incorporates Acts Bible College, Charity Children’s Home and Church on the Rock. (Right, from left to right). (Right, (l. to r. rear) Kyaw Kyaw (Cook),Thang Cung Nung (Director ACH), Sui Men, Sui Cin, Lu and Ceu Cung (child care teachers); (l. to r. front) Cin, Tha Biak Dim, Sui Tha Cuai and Ngun Te.

Pastor James Lian Sai was called to ministry in 1983. After training at Bible college and preaching in northern Myanmar, the Lord gave him the vision to start a bible school. In 1989, Myanmar Acts Mission came into being.

Myanmar Acts Mission incorporates a three-fold ministry: Acts Bible College, Church on the Rock and Acts Children’s Home. Acts Bible College allows students to receive degrees in preparation for ministry. Church on the Rock is planting churches throughout Myanmar.

Charity Children’s Home was started in 1996 because of Pastor James’ compassion towards hurting children. Pastor James and his team know that only the Gospel has the transforming power to change man and society. They show the children the love of God by providing for their physical needs and helping them to establish self-worth, respect, dignity, sanctity of life and positive thinking so that they can become future leaders. Education is an important part of the children’s home as they are determined to remove illiteracy from Myanmar. Currently, approximately 200 children live at the home, coming from many different backgrounds.


About Myanmar

Myanmar (also called Burma) situated in Southeast Asia, bordered by Bangladesh, China, India, Laos and Thailand,  is ruled by a parliamentary government under President Thein Sein. In 2011, this government replaced the previous military dictator, Senior General Thank Shwe, who had been in power since 1992. The population consists of many ethnic groups including Burman, Shan, Karen, Rakhine, Chinese, Indian, Mon and others. Although the main language is Burmese, many of these ethnic groups have their own language. Buddhism (89%) is the main religion, but Islam (4%), Christianity (4%), Animism (1%) and others are present.

The average age is approximately 28 years old with an infant mortality rate of approximately 4.49%. Occurrences of diseases such as hepatitis, typhoid, dengue fever, malaria, rabies, bird flu and diarrhea caused by bacteria and protozoa are high.

The main industries are agriculture, wood, wood products, metals, cement, construction materials, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer, natural gas, clothing and gems. The average income is $1,700 per year, but over 32.7% of the population live below the poverty level.

Myanmar is the world’s second-largest producer of opium and one of the source countries for human trafficking. Women and children are trafficked to neighboring countries (as well as within) to serve as slave labor and for sexual exploitation. The Nargis Cyclone in May 2008 left 80,000 dead and 50,000 injured according to official estimates. It has been considered the worst natural disaster in Myanmar history with over $10 billion dollars in damage.