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Touching Hearts is the survey and treatment of children with congenital heart disease in Tibet, PRC. Approximately 9,000 children in Tibet have CHD and are waiting to be found. Hundreds have been cured to date, through Touching Hearts.

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BackgroundBegun in 1999 and officially launched in 2000, Touching Hearts in Tibet has now ministered Christ to more than 14,000 children. The region has 3 to 5 times the number of children with congenital heart disease due to high altitude effects. During the survey portion of the Survey and Treatment of Congenital Heart Disease, we have touched the lives of thousands while bringing healing prayer and procedures to many.

Patient and her Mother

Patient and her Mother

These children have conditions so serious that we must move quickly to save their lives. All procedures are performed by teams whose travel to and from China are funded by Children’s Lifeline Foundation and Overseen by Dr. Keller at Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville, KY along with faculty and staff from the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. So far we have had cardiologists from Japan, Venezuela, China, and the United States cooperating in Touching Hearts.

The Government of China decided to donate $800,000 to finalize the purchase and installation of the Catheterization Lab in Lhasa, Tibet. From this moment forward, every child (ages 1-18) living in Tibet with congenital heart disease will receive free heart care in this facility. It will be the first and only Pediatric Cardio Center for the most at-risk part of the world.

Bi-Plane Catherization Lab installed in Lhasa

Bringing ultrasound technology to the Tibetan countryside has been another major milestone in Touching Hearts.

Sonogram at Touching Hearts screening

The government has opened every region to us, they say we can spend the money on the High Altitude Research Center, and the Foreign Affairs Department has designated Touching Hearts as the model project for international cooperation.

Screenings Children are found throughout Tibet and brought to a screening like the one in this photo.

Touching Hearts screening line

Touching Hearts has provided life-saving treatments for hundreds of children. Exercise Tests at screenings help to diagnose the existence and severity of heart disorders.

Trips to Tibet
Touching Hearts Trips

Join us in a medical trip to Tibet! Three ways to participate:

1: Medical – Screening

Volunteer at medical screening

At periodic screenings, children are gathered and examined. The ones with possible heart disease are found and scheduled for further testing.

2: Medical – Treatment

Child at treatment facility with medical staff

The treatment phase of saving the lives of these children happens in the Touching Hearts Cath Lab. The areas of need here are nurses, interventional cardiologists, anisthesiology, radiology, and cath lab coordinator.

3: Ministry – Volunteer

Children at screening

Please join us to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the next generation of Tibet.


What Next?

We’ve narrowed the process into two phases in hopes of making this trip easier for everyone involved.

Phase #1: Introduction and approval.
Complete the introduction form below and submit it to SEAPC Touching Hearts. SEAPC will then contact you about the trip and send you an application link.

Phase #2: Application and Preparation.
You will receive a link to an online application. There you will enter requested contact information, upload the required documents (resume, Visa, etc.) and last, enter your flight schedule. Obviously, this process will take some time, so you are able to save and return to the application as you need.

At any time you can contact SEAPC with questions or help in the process! Email SEAPC or call 412-826-9063


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Give a special and unique gift of helping with a child’s surgery through Touching Hearts. After completing the form below and sending your contribution, SEAPC will mail you a certificate commemorating the details of your gift and which child benefited from it.

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Please consider helping a child to receive treatment through your donation and/or contact us.