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Teachings by NASIR SIDDIKI [other teachings by... Mark Geppert, Damon Thompson]

Nasir SiddikiIn his mid-30’s, Dr. Nasir Siddiki was a successful millionaire but it meant nothing to him because he was on his deathbed. He had been diagnosed with the worst case of shingles ever admitted to Toronto General Hospital. His immune system had shut down and the doctors were unable to help him.

He had been born into a Muslim family and did not believe in Jesus. When the doctors could not help him, he whispered, “God, if you’re real, don’t let me die!” During the night, Jesus appeared at his bedside saying, “I Am the God of the Christians. I Am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” During those moments, Dr. Siddiki was completely healed.

Since then, Dr. Siddiki’s passion has been to know and serve Jesus. He serves as an international teacher and evangelist around the world, leading thousands to Christ. He and his wife, Anita, (who also has her own miraculous testimony of healing from multiple sclerosis) also host a television program on TBN called Winning with Wisdom.

Together, they founded Wisdom Ministries, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma where they teach biblical wisdom principles for success. You can learn more about them and Wisdom Ministries at www.wisdomministries.org.

Voice-Activated System

1. Changing Your Words Changes Your World

2. The Two-Edged Sword

3. The Word-Controlled Universe

4. Mountain-Moving Words

5. Be Power

5. You’re the Prophet of Your Future

Wisdom for Business

Volume 1

1. Only One Way To Success

2. Learning the Higher Ways

3. The Key to Surviving Storms

4. Prosperity – God’s Will for your business

5. The Purpose for Wisdom in Business

6. The Ministry of Giving

Volume 2

1. The Power to Get Wealth

2. What Releases Abundance

3. Seeking Wisdom Brings Wealth

4. Every Decision is a Seed

5. Whose Report Do You Believe

6. Finances to Fulfill His Purpose

Your Mind – The Final Battleground

1. The Creative Process

2. Guard Your Thoughts

3. Blessing Blockers

4. Spiritual Armor

5. Victory is Knowing the Enemy’s Devices

6. The Key to Win Every Battle

Kingdom Keys – Change Your World Not Just Your Life

1. The Kingdom Starts with a Thought

2. Kingdom Thinking

3. Kingdom Words

4. Two Kingdoms

5. Kingdom Currency

6. Seeking the Kingdom

How to Fulfill God’s Vision

1. You Have a Purpose

2. Write the Vision

3. Vision Gives Direction

4. Work Your Vision

5. Hold on to Your Vision

6. Fulfilling Your Vision

Authority of the Believer

Volume 1

1. Be Hungry for the Word

2. The Power of the Word is Life Itself

3. Do Not Let Satan Steal the Word

4. Spiritual Authority and Scriptural Prayers

5. Joint Heirs with Christ

6. You Get What You Believe

Volume 2

1. Breaking the Power of the Devil

2. Demand Your Rights in Jesus’ Name

3. God’s Plan for Your Life

4. Do Not be Moved by a Little Noise

5. Exercise Your Authority

6. What is Your Level of Belief

Kingdom Culture

1. Christianity is a Culture

2. Exercising Kingdom Authority

3. You are a Heavenly Citizen

4. Changing Your World

5. Adopting Kingdom Culture

6. Kingdom Work Ethics

How to Minister to the Sick

Volume 1

1. Fixing Our Faith

2. Preparing to Minister Healing

3. Ministering by the Spirit

4. You are Loaded with Power

5. God Wants Everyone Healed

6. The Laws of Healing Power

Volume 2

1. Transfer Your Faith for Healing

2. Ministering Healing with Authority

3. The Three Wills of Healing – part 1

4. The Three Wills of Healing – part 2

5. Unshakable Transferable Faith

6. Sickness is Illegal

A Taste of Heaven

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6. Sickness is Illegal

How To Know The Voice Of God

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Currency of the Kingdom

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