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Recently, I received an email from a brother. The email goes on to say “you have been chosen to write one word to describe SEAPC” (well … not exactly phrased like that but to that extent). Yes, some of you might have received the same email from this dear brother. To some of us here he is family, others a friend and, yet, most would know him as the current president of SEAPC.

So, I thought about it long and hard. This is so very difficult. How do I describe it in one word? I thought, “I do not have an extensive vocabulary,” as my mind went through a list of good friends who always tease me in a fond way, saying, “Hubert, speak English”, “You speak English sometimes,” “Don’t speak Singlish”.

Well, I like Singlish, but it is Matthew and he is family. If it was any other person, I would have put it off. So “Think English, Hubert”. But my mind just went back to Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan, “Me Tarzan. You Jane.” (Yes, I know, that was your grandpa’s time but I watched that as a little kid.)

“Concentrate Hubert,” I thought. After 20 minutes of blank deliberation, I decided to put down that SEAPC is to me: friends (who care). I pressed send. Fifteen minutes or so later, I received a reply. My word was rejected (editor’s note: it really wasn’t, but a clarification email was sent to all requestees) … and I was given 5 examples. Hmmm … I pondered…. This is so difficult.

Finally, after much deliberation and pondering, I decided that SEAPC=Walk. But then no one would understand why I put the word walk. They would think I am nuts! So, I replied to the email and asked “Aren’t you curious to know why I put the word ‘walk?’” So, Matthew asked, “Why walk?” So, after so many words, this article is to explain the word walk.

Disclaimer: This is the author’s personal perception of what SEAPC is. It does not reflect nor aim to speak for anyone else.

SEAPC = Walk

SEAPC is more than just an individual but rather a global community of friends with the same core values, moving ahead together to see nations won to Christ, that
in our own obedience to His command-ment, we may see God be glorified among these nations. So then, how can I put this into one word to describe SEAPC. “Walk” ­— that’s the only word I could think of. Below, I have listed my 5 reasons.

1 – Our Walk with God

SEAPC, as a global community, tries to set a standard and be an example to each of what it is to walk with God. As a global community, God is first and foremost above everything we like or dislike. We want to tell the whole world how good our God is. In fact, not only tell but show the world that walking with God is the way to go. SEAPC is a global community that walks with God.

2 – Our Walk With One Another

No matter what color of your skin, it does not matter with SEAPC. We do not despise you nor discriminate against you. SEAPC is a global community of friends; a multi-national, multi-ethno linguistic group of friends that will walk with you. We are first called to walk with God and then we are also called to love one another; to love God and to love one another, to help and support one another in all that we do. SEAPC is a global community that will walk with you in good times and in bad times.

3 – Our Walk Of Prayer

SEAPC stands for South East Asia Prayer Center. The only active word in that is the word ‘prayer’. We believe that prayer is a God-given weapon against the tools of the enemies. Jesus says ‘when you pray…’. He expected us to pray. He did not say, ‘maybe you should pray’ or ‘if you pray…’. It is not an option. Then, in another part of scripture, Jesus says, ‘Man ought always to pray and not faint.’ Perhaps you have heard some amazing testimonies from brother Mark, Matthew or myself. All of those testimonies you have heard are a result of prayer; we attest to it. The open doors that you see before you are because of the prayers of the saints. It is because of your prayers for us. SEAPC is a global community that prays.

4 – Our Walk To The Nations

SEAPC is a global community that will take you to the nations. We have a mandate from God. A mandate is an authoritative command; it is not a suggestion. It does not depend on our mood. It is a command and not an option. How beautiful are the feet of him who brings the good news. As you read the articles of SEAPC, you will realize one thing – they are news from the nations, written by authors that went to the nations. SEAPC is a global community that beats with a heart for the nations.

5 – Our Personal Walk Of Faith.

Though SEAPC is a global community, it is made up of individuals like you and me. All of us have a story to tell. All of us have journeys to take. All of us have our ups and downs, highs and lows, good days and bad days. And all of us will have our humanity to deal with, decisions to make and struggles with our own morals and principles. Yet, in all of these, we are individuals that have made a decision to follow Christ in the midst of a troubled world. Each of us is on a life’s journey and each of us, though different, is on this personal journey of faith with the King of Kings and we aim to uphold our faith at all cost. SEAPC is made up of individuals that are on their personal journey of faith.

~ Hubert


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